Oscar-winning producer lectures on production principles

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

With a full house, the Spanish producer Elena Manrique offered a talk at the IFF Panama 2019: "From the idea to the viewer: Basic principles of production." The three-time Oscar winner, responsible for masterpieces such as El Orfanato and El Laberinto del Fauno, prioritizes the search for creative and successful ideas, the characteristics of good producers and the importance of the film production business scope, in her presentation.

"In this film, there are no rules, but there are principles," said Manrique. According to the Spanish producer, getting the idea is the hardest part of the production: "the most complicated thing in this world is always to assemble the 'expedition.'" She continued, "You must have a large dose of courage, but you must also be cautious (...) A good idea is what leads you to a good movie (...) It is the vehicle that brings you to tell a story in the way you want to tell it.”

"The producers that best adapt to the time are the ones who survive," affirmed the producer, referring to the changes that the cinema world is constantly enduring. "They ought to be able to have a balance between ambition and realism (...) It's the only way they can control anything inside this absolutely uncontrollable business."

Manrique explained that in order to ensure the success of the production process, the producer "must have the minimum notions in creative areas and the technical arguments to be able to sell the film." In this sense, she advised the producers in the audience to be instructed in the basic principles of direction, sound and music and scripts. She also highlighted the importance of learning marketing, advertising, and business concepts.

Manrique summed up the essence of her presentation in three fundamental points that make up an excellent producer: that he knows his project well, that he is passionate about it and that he always sees its potential so that, effectively, it can come to life.