Jorge Muñiz highlights the importance of sound designers

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The renowned Peruvian sound designer, Jorge Muñiz, directed the closing workshop for IFF Panama 2019, "The art of direct sound recording". Before a very participant audience, Muñiz highlighted the importance of sound engineers in the production process, given that they  complement the product of the technicians and creatives in the works. 

Muñiz indicated that a sound designer’s responsibilities encompass much more than knowing and managing the technical aspects of sound capture and transformation. "A sound designer is a person who tells stories through sound by using technological tools (...) Most of his time is spent making artistic decisions," said the Peruvian.

Using clips from intercontinental films, those present in the workshop had the opportunity to analyze capture techniques, sound editing and sound collaboration alongside Muñiz, between the different production teams. "Sound design is based off on great listening, teamwork, knowing and understanding the director’s view, accurate script interpretation, and open-mindedness at all times," Muñiz added.

Jorge Muñiz is preparing his first film as a director. It is to be filmed in Cusco and Toronto in the year 2020. He concluded that "sound can narrate, personify and describe past or future eras. The sound designer is in fact a magician who works with experiences and technologies to give personality to the film."