IFF Panama Film Match

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

IFF Panama Film Match is the first co-production forum for Central America and the Caribbean, joining some of the region’s undergoing film projects together with producers, distributors, sales agents, and other members of the international film industry. This initiative focuses on building networks and taking projects from the region – that are currently under development – on the road to completion, while gaining access to production funds from around the world.   

This co-production forum seeks to become a meeting ground for artistic, economic and creative collaboration between the countries from this special area of the world’s geography. The IFF Panamá Foundation is the driving force behind the IFF Panamá, a film festival that has had a bold and sustained growth since it was first established nine years ago, supporting Central America and the Caribbean’s rising film industry and providing its commitment as an institution.     

In aims to promote co-production efforts, as well as to access funds and international film markets, IFF Panama Film Match will organize personalized meetings with potential investors, producers, distributors, international sales agents, and industry guests attending Panama’s International Film Festival. 

IFF Panama Film Match will also become a tool for directors and producers from Central America and the Caribbean to broaden their contact network, and to also gain access international funds that support co-productions, to film markets and festivals, and to film industry decision makers that meet every year in Panama to celebrate cinema. This forum is sponsored by BID Lab. 

IFF Panama Film Match will grant a US$10,000.00 award to one of the selected projects that makes the best pitch in front of a jury of film industry experts. This important award will contribute to the successful future of the film. The partnership between the Fundación IFF Panamá (FIP) and BID Lab for IFF Panama Film Match supports the commitment by both organizations to strengthen the region’s film industry, which unifies the identity of our peoples and also invigorates each country’s economy.