Sebastián Hernández

Sebastián Hernández
Costa Rica
Green Program

Sebastián Hernández I am Marine Biology with a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology focused on population aspects of elasmobranch species (sharks & rays), including research on genetic diversity and connectivity of shark species; visual and genetic identification of shark fins in the international trade, as well as reproductive biology aspect. I am currently lecturing at the Center for International Program from Veritas University (Costa Rica) and coordinating the Biomolecular lab (BIOMOL). I am leading several projects to focus on the genetic connectivity of pelagic and coastal fish species in Costa Rica and the identification of marine species traded. In addition, I am involved in several collaborative projects e.g. associated researcher of projects carried on at the Research Center of Cellular and Molecular Biology (CIBCM), and the Center of Research in Marine Science and Limnology (CIMAR) of the Universidad de Costa Rica, and providing several consulting services for PEW, Oceana (Perú), Fundación Mar Azul (Guatemala), and Costa Rican NGOs (Pretoma, Crema, Fins Attached, and Equipo Tora Carey).

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