George F Roberson

George F Roberson
United States of America

George F Roberson, writer and producer. 1st feature: JOSHUA TREE (2014) and 2nd feature: JOSE (2018) - set in Guatemala, one of the world’s most dangerous and poorest countries, it premiered at 75th Venice Film Festival and won Queer Lion. Since 2015 he’s served on the Juries of both Cyprus and Bridges (Greece) International Film Festivals. Academic, advocate and social theorist, he was Fulbright Scholar to Morocco, holds a PhD in Geosciences from University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and has lived and worked in 60+ countries. Having left the USA to research, write and produce JOSE (2018) in 2016, he now divides his time between Mexico City and other mega-cities in Latin America and Asia.

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