Cinema Sānitās - Essay


Essay Contest

During our experiences as an IFF Panama team, we have heard time and again how a film or a Q&A with one of our guests deeply changed perspectives on life for many in our audience. The sparkle in their eyes and vibrant voices proved to us the irrefutable power of cinema.


Through this first edition, we invite you to express yourself and share with us in no more than 500 words; based on the movies you watched on CINEMA SĀNITĀS (September series): Why does cinema matter? or How does cinema impact my daily life?.


Opening of the first contest "REBOOT":

Monday, September 21, 2020.


The prizes for this first segment are:

First Place: B/. 300.00 (three hundred dollars)

Second Place: B/. 200.00 (two hundred dollars)


Finalists' works will be highlighted in all the platforms of the Foundation. On September 21, 2020 we will be detailing the rules of the contest with more specificity and providing more information about the awards.


*The activity will be open to all Panamanians and foreign residents of the Republic of Panama, over 18 years of age. Each series, September, October and November, will have its contest and you can submit your piece to all of them. The December series will be aimed exclusively at young people. There will be prizes and the finalists works will be highlighted in all the platforms of the Foundation. Essays must be written in Spanish.

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